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Welcome to ECT Connect

We are your business telephone specialists

Here at ECT Connect, we can help you improve your business growth by installing technically advanced phone systems that will meet your current requirements & will open up opportunities for your future needs as your business expands & employee or phone user numbers grow.

Our phone systems will provide you with additional features to help organise your calls including; auto attendant, call line identification, call diversion, with multi feature handsets, paging, conference call, diversion to mobile, music on hold, voicemail, cordless and phone system expansion.  We will save you time by working with your system provider to organise your phone lines or set you up through our own carrier or our carrier.

At ECT Connect we understand that businesses are constantly changing and updated telephone equipment is a vital part of your growth. We can therefore guarantee that our excellent local Sydney- based technicians can come to your business premises and re-program your current phone system in order to keep up to date with changing requirements & the latest technology.

Don’t forget…WE ARE HERE TO HELP! We will be there for you through your transition to implement effective new systems to connect you to your customers! That is what we are good at after all, so give us a call, We are your business telephone specialists!


Some information about our telephone systems

Our top of the range telephone systems will allow for your business communications to expand as your office staff numbers grow. Depending on your company’s preferences & requirements, we can provide you a phone system that allows for four to eight phone lines and up to 16 extensions with our small to medium phone system. Your flexible phone system can be set up to meet your evolving business requirements. As your business grows so can your phone system. You may even require more lines or more extensions in which case we move you to a system with a bigger capacity for lines & extension ports.   

In order to provide you a smooth transition to your new office location when you move make sure you contact us in plenty of time before hand to ensure that we can organise your phone and fax lines with your phone provider. Every office set up is unique and we always recommend a site visit to your business premises to assess how we can cable your new offices using existing cabling & how much new cabling may be required. 

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