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12/05/2016 10:33 AM

VOIP for small business and home

There are three different telephone system protocols in Australia. Telephone calls can be made over these three main protocols: PSTN, ISDN & VOIP. VOIP is simply making phone calls over the same medium that you send emails, surf the internet or look up a web site. VOIP phone calls are made over the data network.

The quality of voice over the internet is different to your standard home telephone call. There is no background noise or side tone. Some people think that calls made over the internet gives a hollow sound and for many users it takes time to get used to the different sound "on the call" when you are talking to someone over the phone.

One of the big advantages of VOIP is the cost associated with line rental, call rates & calls between phones from interstate or overseas. We put a VOIP phone system in Sydney & calls between the phone from interstate & overseas are free for the customer. If you have a VOIP service, each phone has its own phone number. You can unplug the phone from the office, take it home & connect your internet service & the phone will be the same phone number. You can even get an APP for your phone when you are overseas in Asia Pacific & if you call someone on you mobile phone it will present the number as at your desk in the office.

You can also programme your office phone & your mobile phone to ring at the same time so you can pick up from either your office phone or mobile phone. This is referred to as twinning. Each phone can have its own voice mail & diversion activation.

The main difference between a complete phone system & VOIP is that you have no hardware that can break down except the individual handpiece. All the communication is done over the internet, often referred to as "in the cloud" or Cloud Telephony.

Instead of paying a monthly telephone line fee the user now pays a monthly licence fee depending on the number of facilities that the business owner wants individual users to have eg voice mail, diversion to mobile, phone twinning, call pick up, phone message & fax to email. The more facilities that are required by the user the higher the monthly licence will be. There are different levels of licence depending on features accessed.

The main reasons that VOIP is so popular are cost & the ability to work away from your main office. The higher incidence of employees working from home has attracted businesses to set up a VOIP Phone system. A person can take their phone from the office to home and plug into their own internet service via a router. This can result in greater productivity from employees as they may be able to reduce long commute time to work , work from home more, be involved in shared or part-time employment & be able to blend family & work life arrangements.

VOIP is the future of telephony especially when Telstra will eventually cease maintenance on the copper network that millions of Australians are currently using.

ECT Connect – your Sydney telephone company - is dedicated to meet the changing requirements of our customers in the provision of a unique suite of products, including business VOIP solutions.

Contact us for an obligation free quote today.

04/02/2016 12:30 PM

Phone options for special needs customers

Are you constantly worried about a loved one and whether they are safe? You may be feeling a number of anxieties concerning unanswered phone calls or accidental missed calls on your phone from your elderly parent for example. Our special needs phone range has easy functioning, loud sounding and visually appealing qualities, allowing you to have to have easier communication channels to your loved one.Increasingly, we have been receiving high demand for user friendly telephone systems with large, clear buttons and loud volume settings, enabling easier communication for people with special needs.
In many cases the person is living on their own and their telephone is their only connection to the outside world. Although smartphones are on the rise, many elderly consumers feel uncomfortable learning how to use the modern technology or cannot physically type in the numbers on the small device. By investing in our special needs phone instead, you will be providing the valuable gift of peace of mind for both yourself and your parent to freely contact each other without any limitations of being updated on their wellbeing.
Our extensive special needs phone range can provide your loved ones with hearing aid compatibilities, extra loud ringer tones, flashing ringer indicator and speech volume control to suit any disability- from memory loss to hearing incapability or for those who are visually impaired.
Have a chat with us today to find out more on how our products assist the aging population client.

02/12/2015 10:06 AM

Blackouts & Power Outages - the effect on your business & telephone system

Power outages are not only annoying, they are disruptive to the running of your business. Sydney has recently been subjected to severe storm activity especially on the Northern Beaches with lightning and heavy rain conditions.

This storm activity has resulted in many business phone systems going off line as power is interrupted & causes telephone systems to shut down. The addition of a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply will reduce down time of your business if your power source temporarily stops working. It is also referred to as a battery backup device. The integration of a UPS to your telephone system may prevent your phone system being destroyed in the event of a lightning storm and also gives you some time to divert calls in the event of a power outage. The more users on the phone system when UPS is being operated instead of mains power, the less time the phone system will operate with back up battery or UPS device. It is best to wait until mains power has been restored before resuming to make multiple calls on the telephone system.

Recently one of our clients had a power outage in their office. They arrived to work on a Monday morning and phone system was not operating and they did know why. Their service provider was contacted and then the client rang us - the phone system provider. We asked them if the whole office building had lost power or just their office, they did not know as the power had now been restored. A UPS would have assisted when the power is down giving sufficient time to arrange phone system diversions until the power is restored.

When the power source for a phone system is disrupted without notice & immediately reboots, often the phone system becomes compromised and not all lines or extensions will immediately be returned or made operational. Usually, when we get the call from clients to say that their phone system is flashing on handsets for lines & extensions, we invariably provide the following advice:

1. Turn off the system from the central control unit so that no lines or extensions lights are visible.
2. Completely turn the system off & wait for a short time before turning h system back on at the mains power.

If the phone system has been compromised due to an electrical storm, then the phone system may have been rendered inoperable due to a power spike in which case it may have caused damage to the main central control unit, handset , phone lines & extensions. If this is occurs, board failure & damage may have occurred. This may mean repair or replacement of the phone system. We do not recommend repair of a system damaged due to lightning strike, as even if board is repaired it will not have any warranty if damaged by electrical storm damage, water damage or misuse.

We were recently called to another client on the northern beaches whose system was struck by lightning resulting in inoperable handsets, damaged main board & door station. In this case we recommended replacement not repair because even if we can repair some circuit boards other may still be compromised in the future even if they are currently operating.
The alternative to having a damaged telephone system is to have a UPS back up that will allow the system to operate for a limited period of time while the client is waiting for power to be restored.

Having a battery back-up unit means the business can still operate for a limited period even though there is no power at the premises. A UPS can provide limited back up time which allows the business to make alternative communication arrangements while the mains power is not operating.

More companies are now using UPS devices to reduce the amount of down time when mains power is lost for a limited period of time & also to protect their phone system from lightning damage. Chase Power is our provider of choice with regard to Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) devices.

For more information, contact your local Sydney telephone company – ECT Connect – and speak to one of our qualified consultants on 1300 693 663 (1300myphone). ECT Connect - your Business Telephone Specialists 

20/11/2015 09:06 AM

Care 80 Telephone - Amplified Big Button Telephone with Picture Dial

Often I receive calls from concerned family members who want a phone for their elderly parent who they want to keep in contact with. They want to buy a phone for them that is easy to use, easy to operate & allows them to hear with it better than a standard telephone. They always comment that" this is their parent’s only contact with the outside world".

It is important to provide your family member a phone with the following key features:
1. It is easy to use - the Care 80 has 6 large buttons at the top of the phone that can be programmed with frequently called phone numbers. You can also mount this phone on the wall to easily pick up a call.
2. Easy to operate - if you want to call a number you simply press one of the pre-programmed buttons. To set up your phone just plug it into the wall socket & it is ready to use. It is that easy.
3. Easy to read - with each large programmed button you can attach a picture of a family member whose number has been programmed in one of 6 picture dial locations - you can put a picture on each of the buttons for your parent to press that picture & speak with that person. The phone has 6 One Touch Picture Memory Buttons and the large contrast key pad makes it easy to read.
4. Easy to hear - the Care 80 can be operated by simply picking up the handpiece from the cradle & talking when the phone rings or by pressing the handsfree button on the phone to hear who is calling you and talk to them. The phone has an extra loud ringer & is also hearing aid compatible. When the phone rings it is loud and has a red flasher to alert you of an incoming call.

The Oricom Care 80 is easy to use & is loud & clear. It’s the perfect choice for your family member that you want to keep in contact with that gives you peace of mind that they are only a phone call away from you.The Care 80 is the perfect phone for persons suffering from memory loss, moderate to severe hearing loss and or low vision.

Call one of our phone specialists at ECT Connect – your Sydney telecommunications specialist - now to find out more about this easy to use Care 80 telephone–just one phone in our extensive range of phones for special needs.  

28/09/2015 11:35 AM

ECT Connect & Service

At ECT Connect we sell telephone systems products, hospitality phones, payphones, cordless, emergency phones and we also very importantly service our clients equipment that we have sold to them &, in many cases, we are also able to service equipment that we have not originally provided. If the equipment was provided over ten years ago it is probable that spare parts are not available any longer,however through our network of suppliers & vendors we may be able to repair or replace existing equipment, handsets or faulty parts in order to keep our clients "on the air".
There is a point at which repair is not feasible ie when we cannot obtain parts to replace faulty parts. This is usually when a power outage caused by lightning may render the system totally non serviceable due to board burn out. This may have been prevented if the phone system had been protected by a power surge device. The lightning strike most probably will destroy the surge protector but this may save the system from irreparable damage.
Most products that we supply are sold with a twelve month manufacturer's warranty. This warrants the products against faulty workmanship, out of box failure & missing parts.
We are generally covered by a back to base warranty replacement policy if we can agree that the phone product is faulty due to a manufacturing fault. If the fault is due to product misuse, liquid damage or malicious damage it will not be covered under warranty & potentiallyis also not repairable.
If we sell a product to a client & they contact us within 24 hours to say it is faulty we will gauge what the fault is & have the client return the faulty item & we will replace the unit with a like product or reimburse ourclient if no suitable product is available.
Our service does not necessarily mean repair. If we are unable to repair then we will offer for sale a new product because it might be more cost effective to replace an item than repair it. For example a faulty headset or handpiece,or complete telephone.
With phone systems we will most likely replace parts including boards, handsets or handsets cords. While a part is replaced there would be a fee for service involved for our technician to attend customer premises to determine what has to be replaced &the work involved to replace the faulty part including system programming.
Most telephone handsetplastics are completely sealed now so that you cannot open & repair.In this case the item would be replaced with a new handset if available or second hand handset secured from one of our many suppliers, or perhaps a phone system trade in.
In the case of payphone service, these are generally carried out on site if in Sydney or if interstate the client sends back to our repair centre, alternatively we can arrange for an interstate technician to attend the client's site.
We can also diagnose a problem over the phone with the clients because a vast majority of payphone issues relate to coin & Validator error which can be resolved by a phone consultation.
A faulty board, broken handset or broken display would require that the phone be sent to the ECT Connect service centre in Sydney.
With regard to telephone systems, installations & service we have our technicians call on the client premises to diagnose the problem & have it rectified.
We are in the business of providing a very high standard of service to our clients because if we look after our clients they will most likely refer new clients to us.We are often referred client from our own client base who are happy with the service that we provide. Service is a very important component of our business.
For more information, contact your local Sydney telephone company – ECT Connect – and speak to one of our qualified consultants on 1300 693 663 (1300myphone).

28/07/2015 04:39 PM

Advantages of a hotel phone system for your small to medium sized business

Every day, hoteliers need to make decisions based on individual guest’s needs or the needs of a specific customer. Other decisions are focused around how your customers will be impacted on a whole. It is important to tie together your customers' desires along with the needs of your business. To be able to carry out these decisions, ECT Connect provides phone systems for small businesses such as comprehensive hotel phone systems.

Specifically, Oricom hotel telephones are an affordable option and offer quality handsets for your hospitality or business use. These phones are highly durable and offer an ideal solution highly featured stylish durable phones are the ideal solution for hotel guest rooms and other commercial applications. The Oricom HP200 model is very popular with ECT Connect's Hotel clients.

This phone system service & hotel telephone features a high quality speakerphone with 10 one touch guest service buttons to facilitate calls. The phone has a data port and is line powered with a one touch handset receiver with volume control. Other characteristics include a mute function, programmable recall and printed and blank pre-cut paper inserts available for use. It is provided in stylish black colour.

Sydney telephone company ECT Connect delivers sophisticated services that enable your brand to stand out from the competition, improve your image, offer a personalised experience for all guests and aid in brand loyalty. With a hotel telephone system and telephone such as the Oricom HP200 you are able to provide an enhanced quality of telephone services for hotel guests.

For more information, contact your local Sydney telephone company and speak to one of our qualified consultants on 1300 693 663 (1300myfone).

29/06/2015 02:57 PM

Keep safe with lift emergency telephones

In an emergency it can be difficult to enter in phone extensions or deal with multi-layered phone menu systems when you are using a mobile phone or landline. Fortunately, Sydney telephone company ECT Connect provides emergency telephones that are a fast optioned in the case of an emergency where a person is unable to communicate.

It is important that elevators must be equipped with an emergency call system in the case of an emergency. ECT Connect offers a wide range of affordable emergency telephones such as the Emergency Red Telephone unit that provides peace of mind. This phone is designed to dial a pre-programmed emergency number of up to 32 digits upon lifting the handset.

These emergency telephone systems or emergency phones offer a two way communication service allowing contact with a rescue service if there is a complication occurring. In particular, the EM-86 is fully remote programmable with a built in timer that will disconnect from the telephone line if the handset is not put back on the cradle within the programmed time. The telephone is slim and light and also features a built in timer.

When the telephone is activated by the user, the system automatically establishes a connection with the pre-programmed phone number. The EM-86 lift elevator emergency phone is a premium product that provides trapped passengers with an easy, high quality, reliable and hands-free connection to emergency help. They operate using an analogue telephone line & are also NBN compatible.

For more information, contact your local Sydney telephone company and speak to one of our qualified consultants on 1300 693 663 (1300myfone).

10/06/2015 05:15 PM

Safety in your hotel

ECT Connect is a hospitality phone systems & product specialist based in Sydney offering wireless fire alarms and devices for the hearing impaired. There are only a small number of hoteliers who provide facilities for those who are deaf or have hearing impairments. Often, hotels only provide a hearing loop in reception and neglect the realties for hearing impaired guests. Ensuring you have Deafgard devices in your guest rooms could provide a point of differentiation for your hotel promoting safety in the hotel environment.

In 1997 Fire Safety Order came into effect where the responsibility for fire safety is in the hands of the individual in charge, a manager or owner, at a hotel. In the event of a fire, a plan needs to be in place that takes in to account all hotel guests, including those who have impaired hearing. Knocking on a guest’s door in an emergency is not always going to alert them and entering a room without someone's permission can still be found unacceptable.In this situation, a fire awareness alarm like Deafgard can be useful and often essential.

The Deafgard wireless fire alarm has a built in LED flashing light and vibrating pad. In the instance of a fire, the hearing impaired may be unable to hear a standard fire alarm. The device activates the vibrating pad that is placed under the guest’s pillow when a fire alarm is activated. The LED light flashes to signal a warning hazard to guests.

There are many benefits of the Deafgard device for hotels and other accommodation providers or your own home. The device ensures safety for guests and can save lives. It is very easy to use with no room adaptors required as the device is portable and wireless. This allows the device to be moved freely from room to room making all areas safe, especially for those with hearing difficulties. The advice is also battery operated and has the ability to be used as an alarm clock for guests with hearing loss.

With hospitality phone systems & products such as wireless Deafgard device, guests can feel safe in the knowledge that should a fire alarm sound, they will be able to evacuate immediately at the same times as other guests. Many customer focused hotels provide a Deafgard for their safety conscious clients and provided by ECT Connect.

For more information, contact your local Sydney telephone company and speak to one of our qualified consultants on 1300 693 663 (1300myfone).

11/05/2015 02:23 PM

How telephone systems can enhance the power of your small business

There are an increasing number of options available when it comes to communicating with employees, customers or clients - including social media, messaging and email. However, phone calls are still an essential way for the majority of small businesses to get their message across and run their day-to-day operations.

In previous years, small business phones used to have only the most basic features such as a dial tone, keypad and a button to hold a call or switch lines.

Today, small business phone systems are much more advanced offering a connection to the Internet, and your company’s network with the ability to automatically transfer callers from one person to the other. It is now easier than ever for your employees to stay in touch and stay connected everywhere they go. Office phone to mobile phone through a GSM gateway, telephone calls over the internet are now options to be considered by small business to save you money.

At ECT Connect we can provide you with an effective business phone system to give your company a competitive advantage, improve your productivity and reduce overall costs. We provide telephone systems Australia-wide. Our services include digital phone systems, telephone PBX system and we are able to integrate phones including Voice over Internet (VoIP), cordless , digital & analogue PBX systems.

There are many ways that small business phone systems can help you effectively compete with larger businesses. For instance, our systems allow for increased collaboration. Our phone systems are not just limited to voice as they can be combined with data networks. We offer a Skype Phone for home office environments that operate with an analogue phone line & also with your computer modem. This is also an economical option that enables employees to communicate via their internet service rather than traditional analogue telephony. Small business telephone systems including Internet Protocol (IP) based phone systems let you combine voice and Web conferencing, a valuable collaboration tool.

Our telephone systems typically comprise the following communication features: auto attendant, voice mail, conferencing, message service or answering machine, VOIP, GSM Router and telephone Handsets & headsets.

For more information, contact your local Sydney telephone company and speak to one of our qualified consultants on 1300 693 663 (1300myfone)

15/04/2015 10:42 AM

How can VoIP benefit your small-to-medium sized business

ECT Connect is a business telephone specialist based in Sydney offering services for your small or medium sized business. As Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) continues to develop and as high-speed Internet access becomes ubiquitous, an increasing number of businesses are turning to VoIP in replace of traditional landlines.

All businesses know how important it is to stay connected, and in today’s technology-driven world, quick responses are almost expected. It is now easier than ever to communicate through a number of mediums and as such, telephone systems have enabled businesses to become more connected.

What are some of the major benefits of VoIP telephone systems for your small-to-medium business? At the top of the list, VoIP systems are cost effective. Additionally, scalability is a major advantage. Small-to-medium sized businesses are often concerned about expanding significantly. At ECT Connect, our VoIP business solutions make it easy for extra lines to be added. In addition, VoIP telephony allows for multiple office deployment so that employees in different locations can stay connected. What’s more, VoIP systems can be optimised to deliver high call clarity.

For small businesses that have not yet implemented a VoIP digital phone system, there are numerous options available. ECT connect offers a range of IP handsets from Gigaset, i-Serve, CISCO & Polycom to deliver business VoIP solutions over a broadband network. Our aim is to choose the most cost effective telephone handsets to suit our customer’s needs and requirements.

Particularly, our most popular product, the Gigaset DX800A with a corded phone and answering machine also features Bluetooth mobile connection on incoming and outgoing calls. The phone also has a large TFT colour display and offers the best quality hands-free. Enjoy up to 1000 electronic business cards and up to three answering machines.

VoIP offers a more flexible, fully-featured, superior call quality, and significantly cheaper phone system for your small business. Call us today to find out more about how your business can benefit from our VOIP business solutions.

19/01/2015 11:20 AM

Find the right cordless telephone for your business!

ECT Connect is a small to medium business phone company and also a specialist in cordless telephones, with and without answering machines & with single or multi handset functionality. A Gigaset & DECT cordless telephone enables you to be free to move around your work space & environment into locations not able to be reached by standard cordless telephones. You can even operate outside buildings, inside factories & within the building precinct.
It is important that when using cordless telephones you are able to maximise three main areas including: range, call quality & talk time. We provide a portable telephone that meets this criteria.
ECT Connect can source most models to suit most customer requirements. Major suppliers we support include Siemens Gigaset & Oricom.
We strive to provide quality phone systems for small and medium businesses and are continuously evolving our product offering. In addition to our existing range we have added a number of new cordless products in January , to suit different budgets and requirements, including the Engenius long range cordless phone with its superior talk time, call quality & coverage.
Click here to see our extensive range, or call your Sydney telephone company – ECT Connect - today on 1300 693 663 and speak with one of our qualified consultants who can help find the best option to suit your needs.

11/12/2014 03:04 PM

ECT Connect can help you with your cabling and installation requirements - Call us Today on 1300 693 663

We are a phone system installer based in Sydney, offering services Australia-wide. Our dedicated team at ECT Connect strives hard to match your customer expectations with our specialised sales & service.

Telephone & system cabling is an integral component of the ongoing service to our customers. Our cabling services include the installation of new telephone lines, PABX system expansions & office relocations and phone system upgrades including spare parts.
We are able to provide phone install, run new extensions in existing business environment & run Cat5e cabling at new site premises. We install phone & extension points both digital & analogue, set up wireless telephony, assist in installation of VOIP phones systems and upgrade telephone systems.

Our qualified telephone cablers are equipped with relevant licensing & expertise to work within small to medium enterprise markets having between 10 and 30 phone extensions and business employees.

Prices for telephone system installations are quoted on individual job basis & only after a site inspection has been completed at the location where the telephone system will be installed & commissioned. Our service charge rates are calculated at a rate of $275.00 for a service call including the first hour plus materials & $140.00 per hour thereafter plus materials & exclusive of GST.

A standard installation of a Payphone is costed at the rate of $385.00 + materials + GST. This involves the decommissioning of any other payphone equipment, mounting of any required brackets as well as payphone, programming & commissioning. This may involve the programming of telephone tariff tables specific to the location of the payphone particularly in rural & regional & remote locations. Programming charges are dependent on the complexity of the work to be performed.

If you a looking for help with your businesses’ telephone system upgrade or relocation contact your local Sydney telephone company – ECT Connect – today, and speak to one of our qualified consultants on 1300 693 663 (1300myphone). ECT Connect - Your Business Telephone Specialists.

27/11/2014 01:58 PM

Why Choose VOIP For Your Business?

ECT Connect, known also as East Coast Telephone Company, has been operating successfully as a phone system installer in the Australian telecommunications market for over 25 years. ECT Connect as a telecommunications and service specialist works closely with leading industries & small to medium businesses including doctors, lawyers, real estate agencies, call centres, hotels, TAFE Colleges, Schools, Universities, retirement villages, service stations, hospitals, community & sporting clubs, shopping centres, corporate & government agencies. Our ideal client has between 10 to 20 employees and is wanting to upgrade, move or enhance their communications system.

We offer VOIP telephone systems, phone bill appraisals, specialty phones, and product installations as we service a growing customer base throughout Australia. Our business phone company is equipped to discuss communication requirements and assist clients in deciding the best product portfolio & mix for their growing business.

One of our goals at ECT Connect is to provide a complete business phone system product and service delivery offer, including Internet Telephony also referred to a Cloud Telephony, providing premium voice over the internet for our business clients.Our IP handsets from Gigaset, i-Serve, CISCO & Polycom deliver voice over a broadband network.

Our aim is to offer superior call quality over the internet with competitive call costs and economic line rental, which is ideal for your business phone system. Cordless handsets complement our range of IP products that includes IP conference phones and headsets. The popularity of business VOIP solutions are increasing rapidly due to the economical costs associated with this system compared to PTSN & ISDN systems. It is worth considering whether VOIP systems could be great option for your company.

ECT Connect is dedicated to meet the changing requirements of our customers in the provision of a unique suite of products & communications solutions whether that be a business VOIP solution or telephone system upgrades. Contact us for an obligation free quote today.

09/10/2014 10:24 AM

Telephone Systems For Small Business's

ECT Connect is a VoIP business telephone specialist in Sydney and is a leader in providing phone systems for small businesses. You can add value to your small business’ telephone system by using VoIP enabled telephone equipment. The benefits include superior call quality over the internet via VoIP with competitive call costs and economic line rental. Depending on what features the client wants from their phone system we can provide & tailor to the individuals who require those features including voice mail , twinning with your mobile phone or using your telephone & unique phone number in an environment away from the main office into a home office environment . Our typical client business has between 10- 20 employees and operates out of more than one office.

As a small business phone company, our IP handsets from Cisco, Polycom, Gigaset& i-Serve deliver voice over a broadband network providing many system features including call conferencing, specified ring sequence, extension identification, extension voicemail and simultaneous call notification.

We also offer a Skype Phone for the home office environment that connects to your internet service to provide economical phone calls in conjunction with your internet service provider. As well as products we provide phone and internet services over which our VoIP products operate.

Cordless handsets complement our range of IP products that includes IP conference phones and headsets assisting our clients to operate their businesses, however large or small, more efficiently.

We provide phone systems for small businesses both in Sydney and Australia-wide and offer a digital phone system, telephone switchboard type phone arrangement and are able to integrate phones including (VoIP) , Voice over Internet, cordless & analogue PBX systems.

Typically our telephone system offering includes the following telecommunications matrix: Auto Attendant; Voice mail; Conference; Answering Machine Feature; VOIP; GSM Router; Telephone Handsets. We offer a number of different types of telephone handsets to suit our customer’s requirements. The services that we provide can be customised so that they are more aligned with the functions of your small business and at ECT Connect we always strive to offer you the most cost effective system for your small business.

For more information, contact your local Sydney telephone company – ECT Connect – and speak to one of our qualified consultants on 1300 693 663 (1300myphone). ECT Connect - your Business Telephone Specialists

19/09/2014 12:31 PM

Payphones In Australia

When was the last time you used a coin operated payphone?
ECT Connect is a leading provider of payphones in Australia. Our company has been providing payphone services for the past twenty five years via the Telstra analogue network.
There are two types of payphone services. Telstra operated payphone services (TOPS), which are the payphones found along the roadside in payphone booths and alternatively, customer owned payphone services (COPS) like the payphones located in a shopping centres and hospital foyers.
As a Telstra preferred supplier of payphones we provide payphone equipment and related services to businesses including Schools, Colleges, TAFE, Universities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Chemists, Petrol Stations, Shopping Centres, remote settlements, camping grounds, Caravan Parks, Libraries, Women's' Refuse Centres, RSL Clubs&sporting clubs.

In fact, you can put a payphone anywhere that Telstra runs its copper wire in the streets provided you have socket to terminate the line on. Every payphone must utilise a dedicated payphone line. The payphone line is a 12khz line that has line reversal & metering. Without line reversal a payphone cannot operate. What occurs with line reversal is that when a call is generated from the user of the payphone, 24 volts travels down the telephoneline to the receiving party. When the phone detects that coins have been dropped into the phone then 24 volts are sent back up the line to the telephone and a call conversation can take place. This is called line reversal and is unique to payphones.

Some Telephone systems can simulate line reversal and so they can operate on an ordinary telephone line and therefore they can replace the payphone line. When a call is made from a payphone line, the receiving party cannot see the phone number as it is blocked from view. You can call a payphone if you know the number. The line reversal is not required when the payphone receives the call and no charging on the receiving end takes place.
All payphone local calls cost the user 50c untimed. Interstate, International & mobile calls are charged per metre pulse delivered on the payphone line. Normally the payphone will generate around 20 meter pulses per minute. All telephone calls made from the payphone are timed except for local calls. Meter pulses are generated faster when a call is made to a mobile phone interstate and to overseas locations. Not all calls made to overseas locations are costed the same. Only a single meter pulse is generated for a local or untimed call.

When the copper line is made redundant by the roll out of the National Broadband Network, then the current payphones we use today will no longer operate. This will mean the ultimate demise of the payphone as we know it.

Unless future payphones operate over the GSM or mobile phone network, or internet phones or payphone utilising VOIP rise in popularity, numbers of payphones will decrease dramatically. The uptake of mobile telephony in Australia is fast bringing to a halt the use of payphones. It is a service that is used by an ageing population and people who do not use mobile phones. A payphone can be installed anywhere where there is public access. Vandalism is often a deterrent for store owners to put in a payphone for public use. Also the costs are controlled more by Telstra than the store owner as you have to use a Telstra payphone line to operate the payphone.
Alternatives to payphones include calling card service, mobile phones, internet or VOP phones. Remember the last time you used a coin operated payphone? If you need one contact ECTConnect.

11/08/2014 07:04 PM

What type of business telephone system do you need?

When considering a new business telephone system you may consider the following: PSTN, ISDN or VOIP. Look at what type of system you have now. If you look at the main equipment, KSU or simply referred to as the box on the wall, each unit has a series of electronic cards in it that determines what type of system that you have. The standard configuration starts with up to 4 telephone lines and 8 handset extensions. This can be doubled by the insertion of electronic cards to be increases to 8 telephone lines and up to 16 telephone handset extensions. An increase to more lines and additional extensions would require investment in a larger telephone system.

Even if a unit has written on the main equipment ISDN capable or VOIP compatible, it does not mean that the phone system is already configured for that protocol. You need to look at the electronic cards in the main equipment to determine over what protocol the system is running. If cards are removed and ISDN or VOIP cards are inserted then the system can be set up for that new protocol & the existing handsets can be utilised & so do not have to be replaced making it more economical for the client.

You can usually tell if the client has an ISDN system when they have consecutive phone numbers and each phone number has its own voicemail service.
With PSTN incoming lines are not usually consecutive and you can only have and end point answering machine where the caller leaves message when you are on the phone or no one answers the call after 6 rings. This setting can be reduced or increased to determine how long the phone rings before it is diverted or picked up an answering machine or service. When you leave a message it could be for any person to call you back. If the phone system has a voicemail mail module then you will be able to leave messages for individuals associated with a particular extension.

With VoIP systems or business VoIP solutions where voice calls are made over the internet you are making calls over the same service as you send emails or surf the net. The calls are made " in the cloud" . The calls terminate off site and through your internet connection. With VoIP service voice calls are given priority over internet email exchange. For this reason we usually recommend that the client has one internet service for emails & anther internet service for voice calls so that call quality is not compromised. With PSTN & ISDN you use the copper wire that come into the premises via Telstra.
The National broadband network or NBN is not using the old copper that is in the ground so eventually all the systems that use copper will not operate when the copper is" turned off" in about 10 years time.

It is not expected at the current time that the NBN will be rolled in the Northern Beaches of Sydney for at least another 10 years.
One thing that we are hearing a lot of from customers is the question "is your telephone system NBN compatible?" If it has anything to do with the copper network then it is not NBN compatible.

The future is making voice calls over the internet or VOIP. Our Copper source which carries a lot of voice traffic will eventually be phased out and all voice call traffic will be over the National Broadband Network.

As a business phone company, ECT Connect will provide the best business VoIP solutions when it comes to voice and internet telephony. We can also assist with telephone system upgrades and phone system service.

09/10/2013 07:28 PM

Hospitality and Hotel

Hotels and the hospitality industry rely on strong communication systems and on many levels. ECT Connect is a leading speciality in the supply of telephone handsets and lift telephones for this industry. Hotel phone systems can be complex, but ECT makes it simple for your business.

Our hotel phone system supply includes a variety of speciality products, to suit any hospitality business. Some of our product range includes hotel and motel phones, hotel guest room phones, disability phones, home office phones, hotel systems using in-room voicemail facility and multiple line hotel phones, to name a few.

We have a variety of clients, and specialised products to cater for them all. A recent introduction to our product line is the Deafgard and Dorgard products. Both products are a perfect addition to the hotel industry, as they complement the safe environment that hotels provide to their guests.

The Deafgard is a wireless fire alarm, which automatically activates when the fire alarm is sounded in any room. Incorporating reliable wireless technology, it is a superior product that will help attract attention for guests in the case of emergency.

The Dorgard is another unique product that we offer, and is a wireless door hold open device. It automatically releases when the fire alarm is sounded in any room, and holds fire doors open safely. It is an extremely popular product with major hotel chains, and is an added addition to hotel security systems.

Safety is a paramount feature in hospitality and hotels, and ECT Connect can help kit out your business with the best in class technology, to ensure both your business and your guests, have superior safety in your care.

09/10/2013 07:28 PM


What is VOIP? VOIP is an abbreviation for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over the internet. ECT Connect's primary goal is to provide a complete business phone system product and exceptional service delivery for companies.

In order to provide the best telephone system in Sydney, ECT have diversified into Internet Telephony, which is otherwise referred to as Cloud Telephony. This service provides premium voice over the internet (VOIP) for business clients.

All handsets deliver voice over a broadband network, making it really simple to communicate internally and externally for your company. The call quality is superior, and ECT offers competitive costs and economic line rental, which is ideal for business phone systems.

One of our most popular products is the Gigaset DX800A, a corded phone with answering machine. This VOIP telephone is a multiline desktop phone, with fixed, IP and ISDN line. The large colour display and exceptional HD sound makes it a quality product that will allow you to have a superior business phone system. The phone also has 3 answering machines, great quality hands-free and a large address book. This is perfect for any business, and is an ideal telephone system for your company to enjoy.

09/10/2013 07:27 PM

Telephone Systems

Looking for a great telephone system in Sydney? ECT Connect can provide telephone systems Australia wide, with a variety of options available. ECT hosts a wide range of telephone system products, including digital phone systems and telephone switchboard type phone arrangements.

ECT are even able to integrate phones, including voice over internet (VOIP), cordless and analogue PBX systems. East Coast Telephone Company can help make communication within large businesses extremely simple and effective. ECT can install a business phone system in your company, which will allow quick and easy communication between every telephone in the building.

The business telephone system offered by East Coast Telephone Company typically includes a telecommunications matrix including Auto Attendant, Voice mail, Conference, Answering Machine, VOIP, GSM Router, Telephone handsets.

ECT offers innovative solutions to communication, for businesses to improve their company telephone system. With such a large variety of products on offer, there is a business phone system to suit every need.

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This month ECT COnnect launched our new web site and you can now buy directly off our site and have the products shipped to you. Our site is now easy to navigate and we offer a wide variety of products at affordable prices. As your requirements change so does the content of our site.

We are constantly addressing your needs and are able to add items that our customers are requesting. Feel free to look around & more than likely when you visit again we will have something more for you to see. If you cannot find an item that you need , let us know via the Contact Us page & we will look to source it for you from one of our valued partnering suppliers.

Telephone systems, handsets , headsets , mobile & internet telephony & other forms of communication are constantly changing & we are here to assist you through that communications maze.

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